Friday, August 20, 2010

New Orangatangs

Watch out Justin Bieber!! A new rock star has joined the game! This guy is ready to be in shops Sept 3rd!!

Yellow In Heat - 86a
Yellow 4 President - 86a

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Loaded Avail week of 8/17

Loaded Availability
Vanguard Flex 5 - OUT - ETA Pending
Vanguard Flex 4 - OUT - ETA 9/15 (2nd)
Vanguard Flex 3 - LOW - ETA 8/23 (2nd)
Vanguard Flex 2 - OUT - ETA 8/23 (2nd)
Vanguard Flex 1 - OUT - ETA 9/15 (2nd)

Pintail Flex 4 - LOW - ETA Pending (2nd)
Pintail Flex 3 - OUT - ETA 9/1
Pintail Flex 2 - OUT - ETA 9/15
Pintail Flex 1 - OUT - ETA 8/23 (2nd)

Ceviche - OUT - ETA 9/15

Dervish (Both Flexes) - OUT - ETA 9/1

Tan Tien (All Flexes) - OUT - ETA 9/15

Dancer Flex 1 - LOW - Discontinued (2nd)
Dancer Flex 2 - OUT - Discontinued (2nd)

S/M Freeride Gloves - OUT - ETA 11/1
L/XL Freeride Gloves - OUT - ETA 11/1

Orange In Heats - OUT - ETA Friday


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flipd iPhone App.

Keep in touch. 

So, we have been working on this app thingy for a few months now and it has finally been approved by the App Store gods. Available for free download today. 
*Google Droid users: we know, we know.  were workin on it:)  few more weeks.

Some of this things features?   ...glad you ask:

News: This tab creates a showcase for new products we think you should know about. Sometimes this will have important product release information, safety recalls, Videos and other simply meaningless banter.

Events: Demos, Art Shows, Sales, Video Premieres... you get it.

Locations: Get turn by turn directions from anywhere via Google maps. View images of the store or call our provided phone number for immediate human-sounding assistance. 

This tab will also soon have popular skate/snowboard spots as well as directions, photos and notes on what to expect at each location.  This will be a killer feature for all you Long boarders and Snowboarders. Everything from pavement conditions to powder conditions.

Coupons: Well its no secret that Sales move out old inventory and bring in the new. But, this is not the case here. You see, we want you to use this app so, these coupons are NOT intended to dump inventory instead, give you incentive to shop both our online store as well as our brick and mortar location. Having said that, we'd like to thank you for downloading the Flipd app and please, please enjoy the weekly coupon savings:)

Interested in an app for your business?
or call Chad Keffer, 405-285-6481